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Delivery places, award-winning chinese food and promises… January 31, 2010

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I never thought I would have so many crazy adventures in so little time. Today is my sixth day in Wisconsin and I still haven’t been able to cook anything worthy of a post due to my extensive adventure-filled days (right). On Thursday I was able to go to a supermarket to do some grocery shopping where my new dear friend Marilyn works (she’s retired but has like five part-time jobs). The Hy-vee is a Mid-West supermarket chain that, according to Marilyn, has award-winning chinese food. Wow. I totally had to have some right? I guess Marilyn’s good taste ends with good shampoo because even though the food was edible it was by no means great. What is great though is the customer service. They are so nice! And when I say nice, I mean NICE. I guess I’m going to love it here…

I was so excited with the food variety that all I could think of was the great ingredients I could use: fresh, clean and citrusy lemon grass and kafir lime leaves for a delicious Tom Yum Goong, a staple in Thai cuisine, earthy and aromatic Garam Masala for an authentic Indian flavor (Who ❤ ‘s coconut curry?? me, me, me!!) and lastly but not least, sweet and ripe plantains for a delicious side-dish of “amarillos” to take me right back home. I was in heaven filling my cart with all kinds of exotic ingredients until I realized I still didn’t have any cookware and that I should stick with the basics for now. Sadly, I emptied my cart and started again: bread, milk, ham, cheese…BORING!

Even though I had bought all of this food I still wasn’t in the mood for cooking (lack of cookware does that to me) so I ordered in. Marilyn (of course!) had recommended this pizza place called “Glass Nickel Pizza”. They are a groovy small chain of restaurants that use bio-diesel as their power source for their delivery trucks. I was feeling in the mood for delicious and eco-friendly food so I gave in and called. I ordered their Mediterranean Lasagna which was absolutely delicious!! It was built as most lasagnas are but the ingredients were smashing! Tons of noodles baked with tomato sauce, pesto, fresh spinach, ricotta and feta cheese. It was legen-wait for it-dary!!!

I will probably get my stuff from the moving co. anytime in the next two weeks so I will have some of my cooking stuff and will start baking (hooray for me!). I promise I won’t continue with the “adventure” posts anymore. Pinkie swear. What do you guys think I should do first? I was thinking something chocolate!!! Do you agree? Yes? Great!!!

Well, I’m outtie for now!


My first few days… January 26, 2010

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So, last time I blogged (the only time actually) I told you guys about my impending move to awesome and unbelievably cold Wisconsin and I want to share with you some of my experiences. I know, I know it’s not exactly food but I did some food shopping (granola bars) so in my book it counts.

First of all I had to make four stops to get here. Yes, you read me right, FOUR. That fact alone tells you that I had the crappiest travel day ever but on the bright side I finally got to eat a long lost favorite of mine that I can only seem to find at airports: chewy ciabatta bread slathered with lemony basil pesto and deliciously soft sun-dried tomatoes with generous slabs of fresh mozzarella, yummy!!! But more of that on another post *wink*. After 13 hours of misery and a bit of a jet lag I finally got to Wisconsin. Robotically, I went to the baggage claim area to pick-up my three checked-in bags which weigh 50-pounds each. I was looking for a “Checker Inner Person*” to neatly put all of my luggage in his cart while I got a taxi. Well, apparently this airport does not believe in this. Instead I had to pay $3.00 to rent a little cart and put all of the luggage by myself. I knew this wasn’t going to be good. I struggled tremendously to get my luggage in the cart but after five minutes of deep thinking about the correct way to position each bag so that it fit  I did it. When I finally got to my apartment ($18.20 later on the taxi fare) I had to call the resident in charge of the apartment complex I was moving into so she will give me my keys and such. She came by to pick-me up at the Club House entrance (!!!) and I met her, Marilyn, a vivacious 61 year-old with a thing for good shampoo (I found this later). Good thing was that Marilyn was retired so she offered to drive me around so I could buy essential stuff. Bad thing was that she had a back problem so I had to carry all of my luggage up a flight of stairs *sighs* and so I did. By the time I was finished I was exhausted but glad that I was finally able to take a hot shower, call my family and go to sleep. So, I was looking for my cellphone and guess what? I had left it at Marilyn’s car! I didn’t know what to do but put on tons and tons of clothes and walk around looking for Marilyn. When I finally saw her through a window she had her face buried into the palms of her hands like she was crying. I froze there (literally and non-literally) in front of her window deciding if it was appropriate or not to ring her bell. Finally, she noticed me and ran to the door  to let me in. She was watching a Football game and her team was losing. Yes, this is Marilyn oh-so-full-of-surprises. She rushed me in and make me sit on her sofa with her two cats while I was waiting for the game to finish. I sat back and indulged in some really good triple-brownies Marilyn had made that same day. The first layer was like a blondie, the middle layer a regular chocolate brownie and the top layer a rich and silky caramel frosting. I later learned that the recipe came from a Betty Crocker recipe book.

After getting my cellphone back I was finally able to shower and go to sleep. So I took out my TWO blankets and prepared my newly cleaned carpeted floor to good use. Did I mention Wisconsin is cold? Because it is. I don’t know what was going through my mind when I just packed two blankets for my trip. That I was freezing was an understatement; I even dreamed of cold things so the next day I went to Marshalls’ (my favorite store in the whole wide world) and bought micro-fleece blankets, fluffy throws, etc. so I wouldn’t die of hypothermia that night (yes, I like to exaggerate sometimes). By the way, have you guys experimented fire-works in your fleece blankets? Hundreds of tiny electrical currents in between my sheets gave me a show and a feeling that I will never forget. It was like having several ants running all over me. Hopefully this night will be different.

I promise you that the next post will be devoted to food. I plan on ordering in these first few days so I will blog about it.  I’m outtie.

*A “Checker Inner Person” is the guy/girl that carries your bags at the airport. I didn’t know this but google did 🙂 .


Hello e-world! January 21, 2010

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So, today is January 21, 2010. It’s very 1, 2 and 0’s. Very symmetrical, I like it. I guess today is the perfect day to start my “blog”. I don’t want to call it a “blog” officially until it contains at least a recipe and/or picture. Since this is my first post e-v-e-r  I feel the need to let you guys know what the purpose of this blog is, besides making me busy. I recently graduated and will start my first job soon, very soon. I’ll be moving thousands of miles from my dear and warm Puerto Rico (yes, I know it is awesome!) to chilly Wisconsin. I wanted something to consume some of my time and decided to start blogging about my biggest passion in life: FOOD. I love to cook but I absolutely adore to bake. I’ve been baking since I was 14, if you consider refrigerator cheesecake baking that is.  I would like to think I’m an avid baker/cook but the truth is that I can learn so much more and this is why I decided to make a blog about it. I want to try recipes and perfect them and write about it. I want this blog to be spontaneous, creative and sometimes challenging. I am looking forward to cook Puertorrican food the way grandma’s do, I want to make the most decadent and delicious desserts and make them look absolutely fabulous. I want to be great, so let’s be great together. My main focus will be baked goods but I will surely do my fair share of food. Also, don’t be surprised if I sometimes use quotes or taglines from my favorite  movies or TV-series. I’m a sucker for those. Well, I guess this is it for now.

PS: For those of you who don’t want to read my super-long post here’s a summary: “I will blog about everything food. But mostly desserts”-any resemblance with my tagline is totally non-coincidental 😉